YouTuber – Everything You Need To Know

A YouTuber creates content for their video and shares it on the YouTube platform. Being a YouTuber gives one the fulfillment of creating something and sharing it with people. It makes someone an expert on a certain subject, helps in networking, makes one famous, and is fun. However, apart from all these, being a YouTuber can also be a full-time job through which one can earn money. Anyone can be a YouTuber who knows how to create content; the sky’s the limit. Explore the world of YouTubers who shape online culture.


How does being a YouTuber help?

The world will never stop getting surprised at someone quitting a job to become a YouTuber. However, fewer people know the merits and knowledge one gains from creating content for YouTube videos. 

  • A YouTuber gets to be an expert on a topic for which they create content.
  • They can also sell their courses and products, cooking recipes, take coaching classes, sell speeches, and more.
  • Build a network and create an audience with many followers.
  • A YouTube channel also becomes a platform for a sales pitch, which can bring in revenues.


Ways to make money through YouTube

To be successful on YouTube and to make more money, the wisest way is to promote in all ways available. 

  • Building a network by making friends and bringing in followers for your YouTube channel.
  • Subscribe for paid promotions offered by YouTube.
  • Use other social media platforms to promote your YouTube channel.
  • Become an affiliate marketer for a sales campaign.
  • Merchandising your products through your YouTube channel
  • Licensing your content and earning through it when other media uses them.
  • Making sponsored content by sponsorship for other brands.


Steps for beginners to start a YouTube channel

When you become a YouTuber, you should know your content and whether it fits your business goals. It would be best if you consistently worked on the video content to reach the success point.

Be clear about what your channel showcases

One of the most significant pieces of YouTube advice for newcomers is that you must be aware of the goal of your YouTube channel. First, you should brand your YouTube channel with the name of your business if you’re creating one to market it. Then, you can connect your channel to your business’s website and other social media pages. A firm understanding of the goal can also aid you in generating ideas for the kinds of video content most likely appealing to your target audience. If you launch your YouTube channel without research, you risk having unfocused content that lacks coherence and repels potential followers.

Go on and create your own YouTube channel

Choose a unique name for the channel that sounds catchy. You could even use your name if it’s more convenient for you. Ensure you fully express your channel’s purpose in your website’s “About” section. But put readability first by dividing long paragraphs into smaller ones. It must reflect your style and your audience. You can build a smooth channel experience by finding your expertise and defining your “whys” by knowing your audience and researching your competitors. 

Focus on the following as a start

  • The color scheme for your channel
  • The banner image that reflects your business goals
  • Logo
  • A perfect name for the channel

Be aware of your target audience

Once you are done with the subject of your content, you need to research the audience. Do thorough research on:

  • Gender of the audience
  • Age group
  • Why do they watch?
  • What is their motive?
  • What time of the day or night is the video watched?
  • Job stream of the audience

Verifying your YouTube account is as important as creating an account

It would be best if you verified your YouTube channel after creating it. However, some functions will be made available to you that were previously inaccessible without authentication, such as customizing your video thumbnails. The difference between people clicking to watch your movie or completely ignoring it can be made by having an attractive thumbnail.

Know what kind of content you want to focus on

Strive to identify and stick with your specialization. Find the place, subject, or topic you want to discuss and the audience you want to address. Content authors with authority and expertise will likely be trusted and engaged by audiences. Focus your video content strategy on the subject matter you are an expert in. It is a fair probability that you already know what items or services you sell and to whom you are offering them if you are developing a video content marketing strategy to promote an established firm.

Invest in the equipment required to create the video content

The quality of your content is influenced by the tools you employ. Therefore, knowing exactly what tools you’ll need to produce the intended content is vital. Even though you don’t need to start with expensive equipment, you still need a few necessities. You will need a decent-speed computer and video editing software like Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, filmora, and Corel VideoStudio. 

Be ready with the video content

Ensure ideas are in stock and are different from the other videos. The alternatives are limitless as long as you continually look for ways to add value for your audience.

Start recording the videos

Firstly, watch other YouTube videos with similar content to understand how to do it. Practice repeatedly and focus on the camera angle, light, and tone of your voice. And thus you start filming the video.

SEO knowledge plays a role in drawing followers

When you search on Google, YouTube videos are frequently among the first results you see. So, becoming knowledgeable about YouTube SEO’s best practices is important. Including keywords in the name of the channel or video, title, and video description is a crucial tactic. You might even include certain keywords in your channel’s brand name if applicable. Also, you can tag your videos with the pertinent keywords you wish to rank for.

Learn YouTube analytics

Have analytical data about the watch time of your videos. Watch time is how much people spend watching your videos on YouTube. This is significant since YouTube frequently gives longer watch times a higher ranking for content. Therefore, videos with long watch times are likely to be featured on YouTube. Yet, this does not necessarily imply that you should produce extremely long videos. Also, YouTube considers the average duration of a video and the average proportion of views. YouTube statistics provide access to both measures. The more engaging your content on the videos is, the higher your channel will be ranked.


How to create a YouTube channel?

Anything looks difficult at the first step, but creating a YouTube channel is child’s play. One can easily create an account with the following steps. 

  • Firstly, you must create a Google account if you don’t already have one. After generating a username and password, enter your phone number to verify your account.
  • Sign up with YouTube with your username once you’ve made your Google account and can access it.
  • Next, carry out any tasks that call for a YouTube channel. Examples include making a playlist or commenting on a video. Always select the “upload video” button because it will provide instructions to help you create your channel.
  • You will be prompted to choose between utilizing a brand account or the name linked with your Google account when you create your channel. The benefit of using a brand account is that you may grant various users access to channel management. YouTube will create your channel after you select the option you want to utilize.
  • After creating the account, YouTube will ask for account verification.
  • Go to the YouTube settings and select “Channel status and features.”
  • Click the blue “Verify” button near the top of the page after being routed.
  • You can decide whether to get a message or voice call with a verification code. This verification code will be received shortly.
  • Create a banner that is impressive at first look. Start filming once the design part is finalized.


What are the restrictions for creating a banner?

A few restrictions for creating a banner need to be strictly followed.

  • To reduce the chance of information being cut off, put your logo and important text in the 1540 x 427 region of the banner.
  • The maximum file size should be 6MB and not more than that.
  • The minimum size is 2048 * 1152 pixels.
  • The banner’s look differs accordingly on mobile phones and computers.


Is YouTuber a good career?

Being a YouTuber is a nice career, but you can’t immediately start earning money from your channel. You first need to get enough followers to qualify for a share of the advertising revenue. A YouTuber with 36,000 subscribers may expect to make an average of $1,600 monthly. The fact that a YouTuber is their boss and typically runs a channel about a subject they are passionate about makes being a YouTuber the best thing.


What is the salary of a YouTuber?

Many people use YouTube for entertainment, but for content producers, it is a sizable source of income that brings in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars annually. Although there is a significant pay gap between the highest earners and the typical creator, many people make a consistent living either as a simple side business or as a full-time job. In the United States, the typical YouTube salary in 2022 was $1,154 per week or $4,616 monthly. A YouTube creator gets $55 from Google for every $100 an advertiser spends on the channel or approximately 55% of the revenue. The standard YouTuber earns $18 for every 1,000 views or $0.18 per view. The ten YouTubers with the highest combined earnings in 2021 earned roughly $300 million, an increase of 40% over 2020.


How many views do you need to get paid on YouTube?

One needs to have 4,000 view hours and, at the minimum, 1,000 subscribers on YouTube to start making money straight from the channel. One may sign up for YouTube’s Partner Program and start making money from one’s channel when one can.


What is the YouTube Partnership Program?

Creators have more access to YouTube resources, monetization tools, and our Creator Support teams, thanks to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Additionally, it permits revenue-sharing from advertising that is placed on your work. Although the CPM (cost per thousand) that advertisers pay fluctuates, YouTube takes about 45% of the advertising revenue. There are many exceptions to the rule, with some of the bigger YouTube players earning closer to a $10 CPM. The majority of partners make between $0.30 and $2.50 CPM.


Top richest YouTubers 

Let’s look at some YouTubers who make huge money with their video content on YouTube. 


Name of the YouTuberEarnings (million $)Subscribers in millions
Ryan Kaji36 24
Dude Perfect2020
Anastasia Radzinskaya1818
Rhett and Link17.517.5
Jeffree Star1717
Dan TDM1222.4
The VanossGaming Corporation11.524.9


Can YouTube be the final career choice?

Many globally successful artists and people from other fields have used YouTube as a launching platform. Several individuals have inspired and influenced others while pursuing their interests. Although it would seem like YouTube is no longer a reliable source of income, there are other sources. It will take a long time and a lot of work, but if you persevere, you can succeed.



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