LinkedIn Influencer – Everything You Need To Know

What makes or breaks LinkedIn influencers? LinkedIn’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. It is inspiring to see people share their stories, gain millions of views, and build their brands.

Everyone is aspiring to turn into a LinkedIn influencer and establish an extensive network of followers due to the massive content boom on the platform. However, creating excellent material, consistent postings, and building meaningful relationships with your audience take time.

LinkedIn Influencers

How to Become a LinkedIn Influencer?

LinkedIn influencers are:

  • Content creators
  • Authority figures with a large audience
  • Value providers who form and sustain meaningful relationships with their followers.

The following steps will help you become a LinkedIn influencer: 

Content Creation

If you are getting started as an influencer, one of the best ways to garner engagement is to provide valuable and compelling material to the audience. Consider building a lead magnet and distributing it to other influencers, encouraging them to post comments or promote your material. If it is noteworthy, many people will naturally begin sharing it without your consent.

What to Post for Growth on LinkedIn?

Creating an Image/Brand

If you were wondering whether or not developing a community or following was worthwhile, you should seriously consider it. One of the best methods to have high-quality leads is to build a loyal community around your business that enhances your organic traffic. However, for this to happen, you must first identify your brand. 

How to Build a Personal Brand on Linkedin?

Stand out as a LinkedIn Influencer

There are a few ways to stand out as a LinkedIn influencer: 

  • A personalized banner and profile picture optimizes your LinkedIn profile.
  • Create content that no one else is doing in your niche.
  • Use the various content promotion strategies and influencer tools described below.
  • Use wit and personality in your LinkedIn articles and content.
  • Entertain and educate your audience so that you remain relevant in their minds at all times.

Building a Relationship with your Audience

Your relationship with your audience as an influencer is delicate and crucial. People swear by influencers they know, like, and trust on LinkedIn. This is why you should put in the effort and demonstrate your concern for your fans.

Starting pitching your services right after connecting with a prospect is a wrong move that can cause harm to your brand on LinkedIn. Instead, you should specify the audience type you interact with to strengthen your relationship with your audience as an influencer.

The different types of B2B influencers on LinkedIn are:

  • People who are active and engage with your material but will not buy from you are known as engagers.
  • The ideal customer profile is usually made up of decision-makers or those who work for and report to them.
  • Event organizers organize events where you wish to speak or help you promote your business in some other way.
  • Co-pilots are people who pitch various solutions to the same audience as you.

Increase Your Reach

One of the most effective strategies to expand your impact as an influencer is regularly promoting your material. However, it would help if you did not always share stuff about your company or services. The following kind of posts can increase your reach:

  • Content that is inspiring.
  • Use polls to evaluate the level of interest in your audience.
  • Your blunders and the lessons you have learned.
  • Humorous material and memes.
  • News from your personal life. As a LinkedIn influencer, you can be subjective and still get a lot of engagement. This, more than anything else, is what makes you a relatable influencer.

What LinkedIn Influencer Marketing Is All About?

Producing Captivating Content

Engagement is the monetary worth you can put on a piece of content, and it is crucial to have a good content marketing plan. When people interact with a LinkedIn post by liking it, commenting on it, clicking to see other people’s comments, or clicking a link in the post, it is seen by more people, and your views increase.

Producing Audiovisual Content

LinkedIn’s algorithm places a high value on video. LinkedIn Native Video and now LinkedIn Stories have created quite a stir for a good cause. Video is simply the most engaging type of content available.

Keep in mind that while you are ingesting video information, you should be aware of your mobile vs. desktop limits. At this moment, stories may only be seen on a mobile phone.

You will also get to meet LinkedIn celebrities. It is the most natural way to communicate and, in certain situations, performs far better than written content. LinkedIn has set it up similarly to Facebook, with videos starting to play as you scroll.

Be a Storyteller

The most effective way to attract people’s attention is to tell them a story. Consider this scenario: Mark is nearing the conclusion of his shift at his desk, and his mind is naturally wandering around social media. So, he opens his LinkedIn page and begins scrolling through his LinkedIn feed. He reads, clicks on your website, looks up the company you work for, and clicks connect when he finds your engaging post about your last year’s anecdote and how you grew from it. 

Audiences are born, expanded, and influenced through powerful stories. It is perfectly acceptable to be relatable, helpful, vulnerable, informative, and genuine.

Do Not Fear Rejection

Many people desire to keep quiet because they are terrified of being rejected. However, you must express your thoughts, take sides, cheer for a cause, and make a statement if you want to be a LinkedIn influencer. People connect with genuine LinkedIn postings and writers who put their hearts into them. So do not be concerned about the haters who may object to what you have written.

If you remain honest and genuine to yourself, you will increase your engagement and succeed in personal branding and as a thought leader.

Create Value

Adding value to people is one of the most effective techniques in any sector. However, do not just post something to get leads, clicks, or likes. You should only post something if you genuinely believe it will benefit your target audience. That is what it means to be a thinking leader.

You can write LinkedIn articles that make people smile, teach them something, show them something unique, give them helpful information, or share your experience.

Bring People Together

One of my favorite types of viral articles is when someone asks their entire network to leave a comment about what they do or what they want to accomplish. Then, people will feel included and will begin to comment and click to see what others have written.

It is fascinating, but it also has the effect of uniting people, and you can always find a LinkedIn member to assist, which takes me to my following argument.

Most businesses utilize LinkedIn to find new employees. You may have heard that LinkedIn is working on a marketplace that would bring businesses and freelancers together in one location. This will expand the possibilities for bringing people together. Keep an eye on Fiverr and Upwork

Help Others

Offer to assist. Help is a perfect term, not a poor word. It is right up there with “worth,” “success,” and “girth.” There are numerous ways to assist. Here are a few examples:

  • Offer to put someone in touch with someone who could benefit from your skills.
  • Provide a no-cost consultation.
  • Consider interviewing on your YouTube channel.

Offer Giveaways

People adore freebies and presents. Granted, you cannot give away free goods in every post, but those who receive a lot of attention get a lot of engagement.

As a result, it would be ideal if you planned to conduct a giveaway once a month, or at the very least once a quarter.

Content Marketing

You want your marketing channels to operate together seamlessly as a marketer. You want them to be a part of your brand’s entire story. Promote your LinkedIn profile on your blog to do this. On Facebook and Instagram, to be exact. The more exposure you acquire, the more quickly you will achieve your objectives.


It is not just about earning attention on any social media platform. It is also about paying attention. Make time to remark on other influencers’ excellent posts. Develop trusting relationships. It will not be long before you notice an increase in your number of followers.

LinkedIn Tools To Become an Influencer

You now understand what it takes to be a LinkedIn influencer, what your brand stands for, and how to find influencers on LinkedIn. But we are not finished yet.

As valuable as those resources are, you will also need specific LinkedIn growth hacking tools to assist you to network and expand your influence as an influencer. While these tools are not required, they will help you save time and be more productive with your marketing.

1. Lempod

Lempod is the ultimate influencer tool, allowing you to receive many LinkedIn posts, views, likes, and comments. In addition, you can use the tool to join pods of people in your sector eager to help you promote your content on LinkedIn and expand your reach.

As a result, if LinkedIn notices that many new individuals are commenting on your postings almost instantly, it will assist you and expand your reach.

The LinkedIn algorithm interprets all of your post’s engagement as a good signal and promotes it so that more people see it.


2. Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the LinkedIn premium edition that helps you find the ideal buyers, discover critical information, and engage your prospects. This can be a distinctive approach for influencers to narrow their perfect customer profiles and interact with other influencers.

In short, if you currently use LinkedIn and are familiar with the site, Sales Navigator may be worthwhile.

Influencers on LinkedIn

1. Bill Gates

With approximately 32,684,000 followers on LinkedIn, Bill Gates is the single most influential person. He does not require an introduction and the type of content he posts on LinkedIn teaches you a lot.

Bill Gates posts content relevant to his brand and his international charity endeavors. Following him gives you an inside look into his brilliant thinking and how to share material pertinent to your brand.

Bill Gates on LinkedIn

2. Richard Branson

With over 18,600,000 followers on LinkedIn, Virgin founder Richard Branson is one of the most powerful influencers. Richard Branson, who has one of the largest followings on the site publishes material on various topics, including virtual marathons, startup seminars, space exploration, life advice, and much more.

Richard Branson on LinkedIn

3. Ariana Huffington

Arianna Huffington founded Huffington Post and Thrive Global. She writes about entrepreneurship, media, startups, health, and other topics on LinkedIn. Either she or other big-name media influencers write the content. Following her on LinkedIn is a masterclass in figuring out what kind of stuff individuals connect with on the platform unrelated to their primary field of employment.

Ariana Huffington on LinkedIn Speaker Series

4. Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella is the CEO of Microsoft, and he is on a quest to help everyone achieve more.

This is evident in his material, as he distributes articles and videos about current events throughout the world. Surprisingly, part of his material is taken from the Microsoft blog. Follow Satya to learn how to be an influencer by using business content that is relevant to what people care about.

Nadella on LinkedIn

5. Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner is a management specialist who spent over a decade as the CEO of LinkedIn. He is now a powerful influencer and authoritative figure on entrepreneurship, startups, online businesses, and more on LinkedIn.

Follow him to learn what content influencers typically provide that resonates with their audience and generates a lot of interaction.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner

6. Houston Golden 

Houston Golden is a LinkedIn influencer and entrepreneur specializing in helping personal brands thrive on the platform. Houston offers a lot of case studies and tools on how to use LinkedIn to grow as an influencer at BAMF.

You will discover a lot of stuff relating to his brand on his profile, including anecdotes, errors, lessons learned, and more.

LinkedIn for Fundraising

7. Ilya Azovtsev

Ilya Azovtsev is a growth marketer, a T-shaped marketer, a SaaS enthusiast, and a startup enthusiast. His content is as helpful as it gets, as he regularly shares guidelines on email outreach, sales automation, and other topics. If you have ever wondered how to distribute your essential guides and resources on LinkedIn as an influencer, follow Ilya to see how he does it.

Ilya on LinkedIn Analysis

8. Andrei Zinkevich

Andrei Zinkevich is the co-founder of, ROIplan, and several other marketing initiatives. Andrei is a full-funnel marketing specialist who continuously offers marketing advice and valuable posts on-demand creation and techniques.

Andrei’s postings are highly actionable, and as an influencer, he has amassed a sizable organic following.

Andrei Zinkevich on LinkedIn

9. Nick Kozmin

Nick Kozmin assists SaaS businesses in scaling up at breakneck speed. He is a thought leader and authority on everything related to startups, scaling, and establishing high-performing sales teams.

Nick may be found on LinkedIn sharing various articles about what it takes to achieve. Nick is a true specialist in his sector, from sales to SaaS and startups, and his work reflects that.

Nick Kozmin on Being a Growth Consultant


LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for business development. However, to flourish on the platform, you must first establish trustworthiness. Always keep in mind the value you can provide to potential clients. It will not be long before you are labeled an influencer on LinkedIn if you keep doing what you are doing and following the methods outlined above. While LinkedIn has an exclusive and worldwide influencer program for global influencers, nothing stops you from becoming an influencer in your specialty first. Check out the tools we highlighted in this article, as they help you increase your portfolio as an influencer.

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