How to Get Verified on Twitter? Everything You Need To Know

How to get verified on Twitter? This question is often regarded as a mind-boggling one. A lot of people deem it unnecessary. However, with the upsurge in the number of bots, fake accounts, and trolls, getting verified on Twitter is becoming more vital than ever.

Instead of deleting all fraudulent accounts, Twitter announced that it would reinstate the account verification program.

You can apply to be verified on Twitter, and a blue checkmark will appear next to your name, indicating that your account is not a spammer, troll, or bot. You must establish your identity, have a prominent presence on and off Twitter, maintain an active Twitter account, and submit a request for consideration as a verified user to get verified on Twitter.

Micro-influencers, thought-provoking leaders, and small enterprises, in particular, should register for verification and obtain a blue badge so that fake handles cannot imitate them. In addition, having a verified Twitter account makes it more difficult for scammers to use your identity to promote false information, organize bogus contests to steal your followers’ information, and do other activities that contribute to distrust.

How to Get Verified on Twitter?

Getting Verified on Twitter: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Check to see whether your profile fits Twitter’s activity guidelines.
  • Go to your account settings and click “request verification” to begin the verification process.
  • A window will open with more information about Twitter verification; click “Start Now” to proceed.
  • By picking the appropriate category, you may tell Twitter who you are.
  • Demonstrate that you have chosen the correct category (e.g., your official website, articles about you, etc.)
  • Provide an official email address, website, or government-issued ID to prove your identity.
  • Wait for Twitter to respond after clicking “submit.”

Having an Active Twitter Account

An active Twitter account has a profile name and image, has been logged into at least once in the last six months, and is associated with a verified email address or phone number. It would help if you also double-checked that you have not flouted any rules of Twitter in the last six months that could have resulted in a 12-hour or seven-day suspension.

Set your profile name to your real name or brand name, make sure your profile photo and cover photo genuinely show what you care about, and make sure your bio emphasizes an area of specialty or corporate mission—sell yourself.

Process to Get Verified on Twitter

You Need to Have a Notable Twitter Account

Set your profile name to your real name or brand name, make sure your profile photo and cover photo genuinely show what you care about, and make sure your bio emphasizes an area of specialty or corporate mission—sell yourself. The six special categories on Twitter are:


State and federal government officials, public offices, official candidates, public utilities, and other people in leadership fall under the Government category.

Image Source: Twitter

Companies, Brands, and Organizations

The corporations, brands, and organizations category include well-known firms, brands, and organizations—such as non-profits, startups, and small businesses—as well as their executives.

Image Source: Twitter

News Organizations and Journalists

Official news institutions, such as periodicals, newspapers, broadcast and cable television, and individual journalists, are covered in this category.

Image Source: Twitter


Entertainment refers to companies in the entertainment industry, such as record labels, film festivals, and television networks.

Image Source: Twitter

Gaming and Sports

Official sports leagues, esports leagues, sports teams, and other sports organizations can participate in sports and gaming.

Image Source: Twitter

Organizers, Activists, or Influencers

Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals are for people of significant public interest who do not fit into any preceding categories—medical experts, local public figures, and political leaders, for example—but are nonetheless vulnerable to impersonation.

Image Source: Twitter

To be eligible for your category, you must show documentation that you fit into that category. For example, if you want to be verified as a journalist, you must offer links to three bylines or credits in eligible media.

Getting a Blue Tick on Twitter

Importance of an Authentic Twitter Account

Your account must be genuine, which means you must be who you claim you are. You can authenticate your identity on Twitter in three ways:

  • First, include a link to your website in your message.
  • Provide a snapshot of a government-issued identification card.
  • Provide an official email address with an appropriate domain.

You will need your identity proof to upload while filling out your verification form, so have it ready before clicking “Start Now.”

Benefits of Getting Verified on Twitter

A verified account comes with several apparent advantages:

  • You may gain additional followers.
  • You earn the community’s trust and esteem.
  • You are immediately identified as an authority figure or an influencer.
  • Finally, you can defend yourself from impersonation attempts.

Twitter Verification 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is it possible for a regular person to become verified on Twitter?

Yes, possibly. Twitter allows anyone to fill out a form to request account verification, but it is not sure that everyone will be authorized. For example, they used to exclusively verify celebrities, news anchors, politicians, athletes, business people, and other high-profile individuals. However, they now allow anyone to request verification as long as the account is considered for the public good, significant, authentic, and active.

2.  How many followers are required to get verified on Twitter?

Twitter does not specify the minimum number of followers required to get verified. Other characteristics are more critical, such as having an active, authentic, and famous account. However, there is a follower count criterion for companies and organizations that states, “in the top 0.05 percent of active accounts located in the same geographic region.” That is, their number of followers should be among the highest. 0.05 percent of active accounts in the same geographical area.

3. Do you have to pay to get a Twitter account verified?

It is entirely free to become verified on Twitter. Contact Twitter and meet their eligibility conditions, and they will complete your verification request. Twitter does not sell verification badges and will never do so. If you come across people or services who claim to be able to get you a blue badge for a fee, do not fall for it.

4. How many times can we try to get our account verified?

If your request for verification is denied the first time, you can submit another request after 30 days. You can request verification an unlimited number of times.


The Twitter verified mark ensures that your followers are not unintentionally following a bogus account. It is also the only way for Twitter users to know whether an account is genuine. As a result, it provides an additional degree of security for both users and account owners, reduces the dissemination of fake news, and improves the overall user experience.