How to Get Verified on Twitch? Everything You Need To Know

For a lot of Twitch streamers, getting verified is the pinnacle. The purple check icon next to your name might show others that you have met the minimum requirements and followed Twitch’s general principles. It also enables several additional functionalities. It is nothing short of a status symbol in the world of Twitch.

While getting verified on social media networks like Twitter and Instagram might be a tad obscure and challenging to figure out, Twitch’s verification rules are a little more straightforward.

How To Get Verified On Twitch

What is a Twitch Verified Badge?

Twitch published its verification badge and the Affiliate program in 2017. The badge accredits Partners just as Affiliates and streamers. With the badge at hand, you can add it to your account’s back-end chat settings. Doing so makes your viewers aware that you are a Twitch’s partnered streamer. Twitch’s Partner Program assists you in getting the badge. It assures that you stream quality content consistently. This badge boosts your viewership further and increases subscribers through your channel. 

The Twitch verified symbol is a purple octagon with a white checkmark in the middle that appears on a streamer’s profile and in chat next to their name. This checkmark is automatically applied to streamers when they become Twitch Partners, and you can change it in the chat settings of a Twitch Partner.

Getting Verified on Twitch

A streamer must become a Twitch Partner to be verified on Twitch. Twitch reserves the right to award the badge to those who are not partners.

How to Become a Twitch Partner

How to Become a Partner on Twitch?

These are the prerequisites for becoming a Twitch Partner:

  • Stream for at least 25 hours throughout 30 days.
  • Stream on 12 separate days throughout 30 days.
  • Over 30 days, hold an average of 75 concurrent viewers.
  • Apply for the program and get admitted.

Applying For Twitch Partner

How to get 75 viewer average on Twitch

How to Get Twitch Verification Without Becoming a Partner?

If you are not a Twitch Partner and want your Twitch account to be verified, contact Twitch support and make a case for your account’s verification. Remember that Twitch usually makes exceptions for specific businesses and personalities.

So, why does Twitch create exceptions for brands or celebrities, awarding them this cool badge without requiring them to be partners? The solution is straightforward. Certain brands or celebrities may not be full-time Twitch streamers, but they may want to make a promotional stream on the site.

It is far easier to give a particular business or celebrity the verified badge rather than having them jump through all the hoops of being a Twitch Partner if they are an established company or celebrity.

People who engage in these promo streams will be assured that they support an authentic brand or celebrity and not a fake. Furthermore, that verified badge is Twitch’s seal of approval, indicating that these folks are indeed who they claim to be.

However, you do not have to be popular or celebrated to obtain the badge. There have been a few minor streamers with the verified badge, but this is unusual. Twitch often requires a compelling cause to award you a verified badge over the thousands of other streamers on the network. Since not everyone can establish a large brand or become a celebrity overnight, Twitch has made it possible for Twitch Partners to have their accounts verified.

Why People Get Rejected from Twitch Partner

Where Will the Twitch Verified Badge Show Up?

The coveted Twitch verification symbol will appear in a few locations once you have been granted verified partner status.

Many newcomers to your channel will notice the purple emblem next to your username on your channel, which indicates that you are a verified Twitch member. When Twitch partners communicate on other media, a badge next to their name will reflect that they have been confirmed on Twitch. It is worth mentioning that verified streams’ partner status is updated on other sites that follow Twitch streamers. 

How Many Are Required to Become Verified on Twitch?

There is currently no minimum number of followers required for a streamer to be verified or become a Twitch Partner. Twitch is more concerned with how people interact with your streams than the number of people who subscribe to your Twitch channel.

Although having many followers helps get a Twitch Affiliate, it is not a significant determinant in whether or not your account gets verified or linked. You may have seen on Twitch that some streamers have thousands of followers but few watchers, while others have a large following but few viewers.

How To Apply For Twitch Affiliate Program | Step By Step Guide

Followers are hard since someone can have many of them because a big streamer raided them. That prominent streamer’s community may drop a few followers, but they are not dedicated to that new streamer or their brand. It was just a simple expression of support.

Different Kinds of Badges on Twitch

There are many levels of Moderators and assistants on Twitch and Twitch’s social media. To avoid confusion, we have listed different kinds of badges. Twitch does not officially endorse any other badges.

All Twitch Badges & How To Get Them! | Twitch

User Type Chat Badges

Twitch Staff: These are the people who keep Twitch running.

 – Admins: Personnel who are paid to review grievance reports and enforce the terms of service. In summary, they play a massive part in keeping Twitch safe and enjoyable.

– Broadcasters are the owners of the Twitch Channel you are currently viewing. Broadcasters can impose chat restrictions on their channels and appoint or remove Channel Moderators.

Chat Moderator: This indicator shows that a member is a Moderator of the Channel you are currently viewing. They are chosen by the Channel owner and can time out, ban, and enable slow or Subscriber-only mode in this conversation.

Verified: A Twitch Verified user is identified by this icon. The Verified Badge occupies the same global badge position as Prime Gaming, Turbo, Bits, and other badges acquired from a Twitch Crate opening, rather than the slot that Broadcaster, Mod, and the others above occupy.

VIP: Streamers honor these users as dedicated members of their community. VIPs are not affected by chat or channel moderation settings, although they can still be moderated directly by a channel moderator.

Other Twitch Chat Badges

– Turbo User: Twitch’s monthly premium user service subscriber.

– Prime Gaming User: Twitch’s premium user service subscriber with additional benefits.

Twitch Badges You Can Get Today 2022

There are also Sub Gifter Badges and Cheering Chat Badges. You can show your support for streamers by cheering and purchasing Sub Gifts. You gain channel chat badges for that channel as you cheer or buy additional sub gifts, so your support is recognized.

Twitch Sub/Bit Badge In-Depth Tutorial 

How to Gift a sub – Twitch tutorial

Your Cheer Chat Badge is permanent. Your Sub Gift badge will last until your Sub Gift expires. After that, however, it will permanently level up on the channel where you got it.

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Twitch Chat Badges

You can also earn Top Cheerer and Top Gifter badges if the channel you are viewing has Leaderboards enabled.

You can also earn Top Cheerer and Top Gifter badges if the channel you are viewing has Leaderboards enabled.

Stream Elements leaderboard extension for twitch

Chat Emoticons on Twitch

You will see a variety of Emoticons while interacting with Twitch chats. There are thousands to explore, including Global Emoticons and Subscriber Emoticons. These are unlocked by subscribing to a Broadcaster and Prime Gaming Emoticons that come with a Prime Gaming subscription.


To sum up, becoming a Twitch Partner is the quickest method to get verified on Twitch and earn that great badge. Other verification methods exist, but they are less frequent and often more difficult to get unless you are well-known outside Twitch. 

Obtaining the verified badge on Twitch and becoming a Twitch partner is a significant step forward in your streaming life. It is critical to maintaining your momentum to continue to expand throughout time. Even though getting certified on Twitch can take a long time, improving the quality of your video and your overall marketing will assist if you enjoy streaming and want to keep doing it.

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