Filming Locations Los Angeles: 100+ Iconic Places

Although some filmmakers use sets for their movies, others seek out unique locations to tell their stories. When it comes to filming locations, Los Angeles has some of the best and most recognizable options in the nation.

100+ Iconic Filming Locations in Los Angeles

From well-known landmarks to parking lots and junkyards, filmmakers can choose from a wide range of locations. Check out over 100 of the most iconic filming locations in the Los Angeles area.

101 Coffee Shop

A & R Auto Dismantlers

Scene from “Pulp Fiction”

AES Power Plant

  • This Redondo Beach location appeared in Britney Spears’ “You Drive Me Crazy” music video.

Aero Theater

Scene from “Donnie Darko”

Angels Flight Railway

Scene from “La La Land”

ATM at 14400 Roscoe Blvd.

Baldwin Village

  • This jungle-like LA neighborhood has appeared in “Training Day.”

Beverly Hills City Hall

Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Bob’s Big Boy

  • Featured in “Heat.”

Bradbury Building

Bronson Canyon

  • Featured in the “Batman” TV series, which aired from 1966 to 1968.

Scene from “Batman”

Bull Creek Spillway

  • Featured in “Terminator 2.”

Scene from “Terminator 2”

Cactus Jack’s Market

  • Featured in “Terminator 2.”

Scene from “Terminator 2”

California State University – Northridge

  • The campus was the location for exterior shots in J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek.”

Chandler Valley Center Studios

Chateau Marmont

Chinatown Express

  • This vintage restaurant has appeared in “Nightcrawler.”

Cicada Restaurant

Cindy’s Eagle Rock Restaurant

Circus Liquor

City National Plaza

Club Ed

Crown Pawn Shop

  • Featured in “Pulp Fiction.”

Scene from “Pulp Fiction”


The Dresden

  • Featured in “Swingers.”

El Capitan Theatre

El Matador Beach

Elysian Park

  • Featured in “Terminator 2.”

Ennis House

  • Featured in “House on Haunted Hill.”

Fox Plaza

Frolic Room

Scene from “LA Confidential”

Gamble House

Godmother’s Saloon

Grand Central Market

  • Featured in “La La Land.”

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Greek Theatre

  • Featured in “A Star Is Born.”

Greystone Mansion Bowling Alley

Griffith Observatory

Hancock Park

Heritage Square Museum

High Tower Court

Hollywood Bowl Self Storage

  • Featured in “La La Land.”

Hollywood Palladium

  • Featured in “Back to the Future” and “GLOW.”

Scene from “Back to the Future”

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The Hotel Cafe

  • Featured in “This Is Us.”

Il Cielo

  • This restaurant appeared in “Legally Blonde.”

Johnnie’s Coffee Shop

LA Times Building

  • Featured in “Drive.”

The Last Bookstore

Scene from “You”

La Verne United Methodist Church

Scene from “The Graduate”

Laveta Terrace Strip Mall

  • Featured in “Nightcrawler.”

Scene from “Nightcrawler”

Leo Carrillo State Beach

Scene from “Grease”

Linda Vista Hospital

  • Featured in “Terminator 2.”

Los Angeles Central Library

  • Featured in “Heat.”

Los Angeles Metro

Scene from “Collateral”

Los Angeles River

  • Featured in “Grease” and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”

Los Feliz

  • Featured in “LA Confidential.”

Lovell House

  • Featured in “LA Confidential.”

Lower Grand Avenue

Marshall High School

Mavericks Flat

The Mayan

  • Featured in “GLOW.”

Scene from “GLOW”

Merkato Ethiopian Restaurant

  • Featured in “Insecure.”

Millennium Biltmore Hotel

Monrovia House

Mulholland Drive

Musso & Frank Grill

Nickel Diner

  • Featured in “This Is Us.”

Niles Henman House

Featured in “Face/Off” and “Gone in 60 Seconds.”


Featured in “Insecure.”

Orange Grove Avenue

The houses featured in “Halloween” still stand in Hollywood.

Pacific Design Center

Pacific Electric Building

  • Featured in “Face/Off, ” “LA Confidential,” and “Se7en.”

Scene from “Se7en”

Paramount Studios

Park Plaza Hotel

  • Featured in “Drive.”

Pat & Lorraine’s

Pink Motel

  • Featured in “Drive.”

Pink’s Hot Dogs

Point Dume State Beach

Scene from “The Big Lebowski”

Point Fermin

  • Featured in “Crash.”

Scene from “Crash”

Private LA Residence – Hamilton House

Scene from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”

The Prince

Puente Hills Mall

  • This “Back to the Future” scene features the famous DeLorean.

Rabbit Slim’s

  • Featured in “Pulp Fiction.”

Randys’s Donuts

  • Featured in “Dope.”

Rodeo Drive

  • This picturesque street has appeared in “Beverly Hills Cop,” ” Clueless,” and “Pretty Woman.”

Rosslyn Hotel

  • Featured in “Se7en.”

Rucker House

  • Featured in “A Star Is Born.”

Scene from “A Star Is Born”

Sam’s Hofbrau

San Gabriel Mountains

Sanctuary Adventist Church

Scene from “Kill Bill”

Santa Monica Pier

Schaeffer Residence

Second Street Tunnel

  • This downtown LA location has appeared in “Independence Day” and “Kill Bill.”

Sheats-Goldstein Residence

The Smokehouse

  • Featured in “Argo” and “La La Land.”

Set from “La La Land”

Snow White Cottages

  • Featured in “Mulholland Drive.”

South Bay Beaches

  • Featured in “Jackie Brown.”

Sowden House

  • Featured in “Drive.”

Stahl House

Sunken City Trail

  • Featured in “The Big Lebowski.”

Super A Foods

  • Featured in “A Star Is Born.”

Scene from “A Star Is Born”

Tio Pepe

Union Station

Scene from “The Dark Knight Rises”

University of California – Los Angeles

University of Southern California

  • The campus has appeared in “Forrest Gump,” “The Graduate,” “Legally Blonde,” and “The Social Network.”

Scene from “Legally Blonde”

Van Nuys Airport

Velazut Ranch

  • Featured in “Westworld.”

Venice Beach

  • Featured in “American History X.”

Venice High School

  • Featured in “Grease.”

The Virgil

  • Featured in “A Star Is Born.”

Scene from “A Star Is Born”

Vista Theatre

Vivian’s Millennium Cafe

Watts Towers

Westin Bonaventure

Windward Avenue

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