Directors Who Didn’t Go to Film School: 61 Greatest Directors

Though you might not realize it, you likely know tons of directors who didn’t go to film school. You don’t need to attend a traditional university to study film if you want to make your mark as a director.

61 Directors Who Didn’t Go to Film School Everyone Should Know

There are many ways to learn the skills necessary for crafting compelling films. Some of our favorite directors started school then dropped out, while others are completely self-taught. Many of the best classic directors made their marks on film before film schools even existed. You’re sure to find many directors you recognize on this list!

 Scene from “From Dusk Till Dawn” 

Other directors of note include:

These directors honed their skills by studying movies, working in film, and more. You can learn things like Adobe After Effects outside the classroom, too.

Whether you dropped out of college or never got started, you can take inspiration from these notable directors and continue to hone your craft today. There’s no one path to become a great director. You can learn more about film and how you can improve your skills by applying to the Nashville Film Institute.